Fudge Orb Balls

Fudge Orb Balls

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Our fudgy orb balls are the snack to have after dinner or to take as a plate to a shared morning tea at work. Pop one into your kids' lunch box or hide them away in the freezer if you want them to last.

These gluten and dairy free treats are made with our in-house-made activated almond butter and sweetened naturally with dates.

All balls come in boxes of 10 so there is plenty to go around.  

Sail away to the Caribbean with our zesty lemon and lush mint mojito balls. Coconut and Lemon Mojito combine to give your taste buds a (non alcoholic) party that will have you boogying all afternoon.

Float away to somewhere dreamy with our new Raspberry Cloud fudge ball. Creamy coconut and vibrant raspberry combine for this white chocolate, raspberry dream. 

Caramel and Chocolate are the match made in heaven that your 3pm coffee has been asking for. Bite into the fudgy chocolate orb and rejoice when you reach the gooey caramel date centre. 

Say hello to our new Salted Caramel fudge ball. Gooey caramel seasoned with lashings of tangy flaked sea salt have been the flavour on everyones lips for the past decade. This OG treat will leave you satisfied and full of the good energy to take on the day. 

Blackcurrant and Cashew

Cacao and Vanilla 

Spice up your life with some warming Ginger wrapped up with smooth chocolate fudge orb.

Coconut Chocolate

Orange Chocolate