Two Smoothie Straws and Cleaner

Two Smoothie Straws and Cleaner

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Wide Stainless Steel Straws

• Stainless Steel

• 24cm long

• 8MM Wide diameter perfect for thick smoothies

• Ultra-durable design will not bend or dent


Are you ready for the best sipping experience of your life! Ice-cold smoothies have never tasted fresher than through a stainless steel straw! Unlike plastic straws, these stainless beauties have nothing to leech into your drinks, hot or cold.

EcoJarz Smoothie Straw is a wide stainless steel straw perfect for thick smoothies. The ultra-durable design will not bend or dent.  At 24cm long, 8MM wide diameter, it fits perfectly with all EcoJarz lids.

The switch to reusable straws is an excellent way to reduce plastic and paper waste, and help us save the world! A perfect fit with our the Eco Jar Lids, these stainless steel straws are an integral part of the perfect sustainable sipping set!

We recommend cleaning your new stainless steel straws well with soap and water before use. Keep them clean with the Straw Cleaners.

Made of 18-8 food grade 304 stainless steel.